Construction Design

Our overall goal is to design our homes in the most cost effective way to build truly affordable housing that is easy for volunteers to build, affordable and easy for homeowners to maintain, attractive, that fits well in the neighborhood, and is a model design for basic housing in our community.  We strive to find the ideal balance between initial construction cost, and affordability for the long-term. 

Construction Basics - Our first concern is site safety.  Bennington County Habitat sent five people to the Competent Person Safety Training program developed by Habitat for Humanity International on 5/30 and 5/31/2017.  All five people are able to manage our build sites for safety concerns and direct Habitat volunteers in the pursuit of safety.

Bennington County Habitat's houses are designed, to be affordable for the long and short-term.  Our homes are designed so they can be built well by volunteers.  This Fine Home building website contains excellent information.

We have included some links to excellent HOW TO articles that cover everything from site safety to basics of roof work, framing, nailing, siding, painting, and drywall.  These articles are good resources for volunteers and for future reference when you need to do work around your own home.

Install drywall             Interior painting                       Interior painting tips                 

Site safety                   Table saw basics                    Nailing basics

Asphalt roofing          Asphalt roofing layout           Safety on a roof     

Rules for framing       Layout for walls   

Tiling a bathroom      Grouting tile                             Installing a toilet

Installing cabinets     Installing pre-hung doors    Installing baseboard          Installing vinyl siding

Insulated Concrete Forms