There is a tremendous need throughout Bennington County to help people who own their homes but do not have the resources to make essential minor repairs or weatherization upgrades that would make their homes safer, accessible, and more energy efficient.
With this in mind, we started our Home Repair Program in 2011. 
Since its inception, we have partnered with several homeowners in Bennington County to complete basic repairs. As of November 2015, we have completed 16 Home Repair Projects for 14 families. Two were for the same household. 


Many thanks to the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert for their Home Repair project in partnership with homeowner Tom Burke and Bennington Area Habitat.  Tom was in desperate need of a new porch on his house for more than four years.  Now he has a safe entry way in to his home and a place to enjoy outdoor space.



Curt Merrow, Barth VanderEls, Dave Low, and Jim White built a wheel chair ramp for our first project in 2014.  Curt designed the ramp.  They did a great job, making a home safer and more accessible for a Bennington resident.  The most recent slides were taken of another wheel chair ramp project that we completed.  Dean Hanson and Mari Bennett joined with Curt, Barth, Dave, and Jim to complete this project.




To Elise, John, Dick and everyone who helped me rebuild my cellar - I am very grateful for all hours of hard work you put into this project.  Thank you again for covering the cost of materials at Home Depot!
Dale Jackson - A Brush with Kindness Partner

The basement of Dale's home was flooded during tropical storm Irene. Her sump pump stopped working when the power went off, and as a result the basement walls were ruined. A Brush with Kindness removed the wet sheetrock and and replaced it for Dale and her family. 



During the spring and summer of 2013, we repaired a wheelchair ramp and built a new wheel chair ramp making it possible to leave the home,  Currently, we are insulating a ceiling and walls making the home more affordable to heat.  We will also install sheetrock.  


 We built a wheelchair ramp that was custom made for the right height for the car and to gain easy access to the home.





In the fall of 2012, we replaced the porches for a Bennington resident. Rosemarie Jackowski wrote a very special tribute to Noble Levesque, one of the volunteers who helped rebuild her porches.