Venice Simplon Orient Express Legend in the Making

Venice Simplon Orient Express Legend in the Making

The carriages which make up the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express have a history. They have criss-crossed Europe’s frontiers, producing its own history and working for several different railway companies having developed its own character. Sleeping Car 3309 for instance, was stuck in a snow drift for 10 days in 1929, sixty miles from Istanbul with a complete complement of passengers on board that lived only with the support of local Turkish people, whilst Sleeping Car 3425 was used by King Carol of Romania. The dawning of the age when a railroad builder, George Mortimer Pullman, made a train with the technology of the age and supplying luxury far superior to anything available in Europe at the time, of luxury train travel could be traced back to 1864. The cancellation of Travel through the Second World War and ferry services set end to this era that was glorious and the requirement for these luxury carriages diminished.

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The train was Awarded a ┬árare birth’ when railroad enthusiast, James B Sherwood an American-born British entrepreneur purchased two of the carriages at auction at Monte Carlo and spent the next couple of years and sixteen million dollars finding, buying and restoring some 35 classic sleeping cars, Pullmans and dining cars. In 1982 the rebirth was complete with the maiden run of the Venice Simplon- orient express costs from London to Venice and now it continues to transport passengers in lavish luxury across Europe on one of the most romantic journeys possible. As you step on board The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express now, you step back into an era of elegance and tasteful support as you are shown to your compartment of polished brass, gleaming wood, crisp linen and soft towels. Your cottage is an oasis of retreat with views of an ever-changing landscape.

Although the cabins are fitted to the highest standard, it must be recalled that these carriages were built at a time facilities which we anticipate today were unheard of on a train and when sleeping on board a train was a luxury in itself. Each cottage has a compact wash basin, there is a shared W.C. at the end of each carriage but there are no showers or baths on board. Meals on board are Comparable to the restaurants with all meals prepared by chefs on board, using only the best ingredients which can be taken during the train’s journey on board. With an overnight Journey beginning at just over 1,500 per individual the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is not going to be a trip for everyone’s budget but for the ones that can afford it or save for your trip of a lifetime, this surely is an experience that will live in your memories forever.

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